AWE Studio Protocols

  • Masks will be worn during class.

  • Students and tables are placed 3-6 feet from each other with plexiglass in between each facing table.

  • Students remain in their same chair and table throughout a session.

  • Tools and materials will be assigned to each student in the duration of the session so that there is no shared use.

  • Appropriate disinfectants and cleaners will be used daily on tables, chairs, faucets, handles, door knobs, etc.

  • Individual hand sanitizers will be on each table. A large container of hand sanitizer, disposable masks and disinfectant wipes are also available as one enters.

  • Face shields and gloves are available for optional use.

  • Due to social distancing, some art forms we offer may be limited.

  • We will try to accommodate all of our young artists’ creative needs using safe distancing practices.