AWE Summer

AWE Summer is for 10-18 years. There are 6 sessions to choose from. Enroll now. AWE Summer sessions fill up quickly! Students get to try new art forms and mediums such as; painting, print-making, graffiti art, sculpture and sewing.

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AWE Portfolio

AWE Portfolio is for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students who are applying to high schools where an art portfolio is required. It is also for high school students who want to prepare college portfolios. The class teaches long-term skills while focusing on eye-hand coordination. High school students may also attend for college portfolio prep.

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AWE After School

AWE After School is for 6th-12th graders who want to improve their art skills and continue making portfolio-bound art. It is also for the young artist who wants to explore new art forms and mediums.

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AWE is for young artists who want to make art in a studio environment, build their artistic skills, explore new art forms and mediums, and have fun!

We encourage long-term projects and taking chances. We teach technique and problem-solving. We encourage personal expression through art.