Express. Explore. Create.

AWE is for young artists ten to eighteen years old who are interested in making art in a studio environment. It’s a select group because it takes
a focused student who loves art to want to make it every day, all day. Our goal is to give the young artist the opportunity to make art that isn’t compromised by space limitations or a time frame. We want each student to get an idea of what it means to be a professional artist. We encourage long-term projects and exploring new mediums. Through guidance, we teach technique, problem-solving, empowerment and making a statement. We discuss art and how it shapes our lives and community. In a city that’s tight on space but, big on creativity, AWE gives young artists an ideal place to express themselves and nurture art projects. When students leave our studio, we want them to be proud of their accomplishments. After all, they are the next generation of artists and appreciators of art and culture.