AWE Summer


Want to make art every day, all day for a week or more? Ever wonder what found-object art or installation
means? Make your first mosaic or lino cut. Design your signature bag. Go outside and try graffiti art or take
some photos of classic DUMBO architecture. If you had an idea that you really wanted to express but didn’t
know how or where, AWE Summer is the perfect place to create. We’re all about trying new things, cultivating
traditional things and perfecting your own thing. AWE Summer offers it all.

Located in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) Brooklyn and known for its gorgeous
views of the Manhattan Skyline, the Borough Bridge Park, the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge,
AWE is an ideal place to create. The studio is about 1,700 square feet, has 3 windows and a skylight.
Students have various work stations to choose from: work tables, walls, easels, floor space, a printmaking
area, a computer/video table, a sewing table and an imagination area to relax and think.

$550 per Session (Week)

Art materials fee per week is included. Monday through Friday from 9 am until 3 pm.



JULY 5 – 9


JULY 12 – 16


JULY 19 – 23


JULY 26 – 30


AUGUST 2 – 6


AUGUST 9 –  13


• A student can attend one session or up to three sessions.
More than one session allows the student to plan and execute more complex projects.

• 10 to 18 years of age. AWE is for the focused artist who wants to make art
everyday for at least a week! AWE nurtures and provides the

building blocks for the next steps of each individual artist. The AWE studio is for independent work as well as collaboration.

• Classes begin at 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

• Students eat lunch outside. Younger students will eat with AWE staff. Options for eating lunch outside will be at the Borough Bridge Park (sandwiched between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge) or under the Manhattan Bridge Archway. Students should bring their own lunch and snack or have money to buy lunch. A small refrigerator is in the studio.

• AWE is a supportive inclusive environment. Please call or email with any questions or concerns. 

• AWE may use photographs of students and/or artwork for its website.

AWE Offers

*Painting – Acrylic on Canvas, Watercolor on Paper, Aerosol, Outdoor Study
*Sculpture – Clay, Wire, Found Object, Plaster, Alternative Materials
*Fabric Art – Sewing and Needle Work
*Collage – All Materials
*Print-Making – Linoleum, New Materials, Mono Prints
*Mosaics – Tile, other Materials
*Drawing – Pencil, Charcoal, Pastels, Markers
*Video – Group and Individual Projects (summer program)
*Graffiti and Mural Art (summer program)
*Digital Photography (summer program)
*Installation Art (summer program)
*Age-Appropriate Projects beyond Traditional Mediums and Approaches

Photos of individual artists with their finished art and process is under Student Art.
Look under each session to find a student’s work.

AWE Studio

AWE Printmaking

AWE Self-Portraits (from Summer, Portfolio and After School)