AWE Portfolio Sessions

September - December 2020


Three 7 class sessions | $50.00 per class 
4:00 – 6:00 pm
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

September 9 – December 10  |  Students can arrive as early as 3:30 pm.
7 and 8 grade
, high school  |  Portfolio Presentation fee: $50.00 (optional for 8th graders)

AWE PORTFOLIO is for 6th, 7th and 8th graders who plan on applying to NYC High Schools that require a portfolio of art work for admission. The Portfolio Presentation fee is for any 8th graders who would like their work backed up with black presentation board to make their work portfolio-ready. It also includes a 15-30 minute review and consultation of the student’s portfolio of work before auditions begin. This fee is only for
8th graders who would like this service. Classes begin Monday, September 9 until Thursday, December 10, 2019. To enroll, fill out the Portfolio online application. A student can choose the day(s) they would like to attend. There are 3 Sessions on each day to choose from. Each session
is 7 classes. There is a limited class size. AWE PORTFOLIO is also for high school students who want to work on college portfolios or build their art skills and explore new art forms. Call or email for more information. Please note that classes will not be held on the holidays when NYC schools
are closed. High school students are also welcome to attend AWE PORTFOLIO to work on mature art and for college-bound portfolio preparation.
To get a head start on high school portfolio preparation, enroll in AWE After School or a session of AWE SUMMER. Students can get
a lot of great artwork done in both programs even if they aren’t working on portfolios.



This class is directed towards making art that can be used in a student’s PORTFOLIO in preparation for admittance to NYC art high schools.
We will primarily draw and paint. We will focus on technique and eye-hand coordination while building skills within the foundations of art. The elements of art: line, form, texture, value, space, color and composition will be emphasized. We will concentrate on figure and still-life drawing and painting as well as perspective drawing. Auditions at NYC art high schools begin in late October until mid December. This class will be offered until December 10, 2020. Some of the work done will specifically prepare for the in-class drawing exam select art high schools require. AWE PORTFOLIO is hands-on guidance with individualized attention to each student’s specific needs and style. What does style mean? Each art student has a personal approach to making art. It can be seen in the stroke, detail, blending technique or over-all appearance. It is important to capture that style in a student’s portfolio. At the end of the AWE PORTFOLIO program, we will view each student’s work and create a portfolio that is truly their own.
It will be presentation-ready for any of the NYC art high schools.

AWE PORTFOLIO will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4 until 6 pm. A student can arrive as early as 3:30 to begin working
or setting up. Figure drawing sessions will be timed so that a student gets used to making composition decisions quickly. Some schools have
an in-class drawing exam that is approximately 30 minutes. AWE prepares them to be comfortable drawing in a given amount of time. If a student is entering the 8th grade, there’s a lot of art to get done in a short amount of time. If a student is entering the 7th grade, now is a good time to prepare their skills and begin acquiring artwork for next year’s portfolio requirements.

If a student is in high school, the requirements for college portfolios vary. Each high school student will be evaluated as to their needs,
skill-level and style.
Check out some of the art work done in 2019 Portfolio in Portfolio Art Gallery below.