AWE Tutorial Videos

AWE Tutorial


Welcome to AWE Tutorial. These videos are for students preparing art portfolios for high school and AWE artists who would like a visual exercise. To find more tutorial videos, scroll down from the upper right corner play list located on the video. AWE tutorial videos will be uploaded continually. 

• Eraser
• Piece of Paper 8.5 x11 or larger
   (or a piece of cardboard)

Students follow this drawing process; on their piece of paper
• Learn eye/hand coordination
• Learn proportion
• Learn how to use a pencil as a tool for measurements and proportion
• Each finished still-life will appear different because we all have our own “style”

Final Project
• Take a photo of your work and email it to AWE:
• We will look at it and give feedback

Below are images used for the AWE Tutorial Videos.
Double click on the image you are working from and drag it on to your desktop.