AWE Arranged

AWE Arranged for all AWE Studio Classes for Now

AWE Arranged allows art-making among friends at a safer distance from one another yet preserves the sense of community. 
Up to 16-18 students can attend a class. Each student will sit at their own table which will be at least 6 feet away from another student.
The areas of art-making will be sprayed and wiped down before and after class with 24 hours between each small group.
As we face new hardships, AWE seeks to find a balanced outlet for students to make art in a controlled environment
at the AWE studio. Ideally, a small group of AWE friends can do so.

• Each student must enter AWE separately at a 6 foot distance and immediately wash
 their hands with soap and water.
• Each student sits at their own designated table and handles the set of tools and materials
provided on the table.
• Each student has the option of wearing latex gloves (provided) and a face mask (not provided).
Face masks can be made at the AWE studio. Sewing machines are available for use.
• Each student must be at a minimum distance of 6 feet of each other while at AWE.
• Bathroom will be sprayed with Lysol and wiped down with anti bacterial wipes after each use.
• Each student must wash their hands with soap and water before leaving and walk out
separately 6 feet apart.